Birthday parties

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As stressful as it can be, I actually really like planning my daughter’s birthday. Her birthday is in May so I normally start planning in January. Extreme? Probably. But for me, necessary. I am so scatterbrained and unorganized that if I don’t start that early her party is a flop.

Anyways, when she was three years old I started asking her what kind of party she wanted. The first few years she told me she wanted one theme but over the next few months the theme would change 9,634 times! I like making some of the decorations for her party. It’s cheaper and I love arts and crafts! So I would just start making generic/colorful decorations ahead of time and buy a few themed decorations closer to the party.

For her 3rd birthday she wanted a princess party, of course. She made the decision to have a princess party about 3 weeks before her birthday. That gave me enough time to order the cake and pick up a few princess decorations. For her 4th she couldn’t make a decision so we ended up just going to Chuck E. Cheese. We took one of her cousins with us. I spent my entire life’s savings on tokens but they had a lot of fun. For her 5th (last year) she kept going back and forth between Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, and Doc Mcstuffins. I was pretty sure she would pick My Little Pony because at the time she was a little obsessed so I went ahead and made decorations for that. I spent less time and money on decorations last year and opted to spring for a bounce house. Rather, her grandparents helped us spring for a bounce house, those things are expensive! They didn’t have the bounce house that I ordered so they threw in a water slide for free. The kids hardly got in the bounce house, they spent most of the party on the water slide and throwing water balloons at each other. 

This year, she has decided she wants an emoji party for her 6th birthday and she’s determined to stick with it. She’s seriously obsessed with the poop emoji (what is with kids and poop these days?). Pray with me that she doesn’t change her mind because I’m going to go ahead and make some emoji decorations. I will keep you updated on our progress!


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