Clothes are expensive

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My daughter is five years old and I seriously feel like she outgrows her clothes every other month! I love to buy super cute clothes for her and put all the bows in her hair!

Now as much as I love buying her the cutest clothes I can find, I don’t love the prices of said super cute clothes. I like The Children’s Place and Justice but the prices are just not affordable when I’m buying new clothes for her every couple of months.

I love Target’s clothes! They are so cute and kind of affordable, especially when you catch them on clearance. But even that can get expensive! I really try to find things that she likes for a decent price.

There’s a discount store named Roses in my area and every now and then I find cute things there. I buy the bulk of my daughter’s clothes on clearance and from consignment shops. I’m very careful when buying from second hand stores, especially Goodwill, but the consignment store here checks every item they sell and then I check them really good before I buy them.

A good month or two before the warm and cold seasons end Walmart puts their kids clothes on sale. I love buying leggings and short sleeve shirts on clearance because I can put those on her all year round.

Every now and then I do buy full priced items from Walmart, Target, or clothing stores in the mall and I’m always happy with my purchase when I do but when you’re on a budget buying full priced clothes all the time is just not an option.

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