How I unspoiled my child…kind of

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Until my daughter was about three years old anytime we would go to a store her dad and I were really bad about buying her new toys. All the time. And we didn’t buy expensive toys, it was normally either a toy from Dollar Tree or a ‘blind bag’. She is seriously obsessed with those crazy blind bags! She has a drawer full of little tiny toys that she hardly plays with but she loves opening them so we just kept buying them for her. We weren’t spending a ton of money at one time but the money adds up and so do the toys.

Not only did it all just add up but she got spoiled. Every single time we would go to the store she would beg for a toy. Thankfully she was never a ‘pitch a fit in the middle of the store’ kind of kid but she did cry when we wouldn’t get her something. We had had enough. We struggled with trying to figure out how to ‘unspoil’ our kid! Let me tell you it was not easy but (for the most part) we did it, here’s how.

We started giving her pennies that we found around the house and in the bottom of my purse. We gave her a ‘piggy’ bank and told her that after she saved $20 she could take it to the store and buy a toy. We told her that this was the only way, from then on, that she could get a toy. It took her a little while to get used to not getting toys everytime we went to the store but I just kept reminding her that as soon as she saved enough she could buy her own.

Now, she loves finding pennies around the house and her grandparents love bringing her change when they visit! It has worked out great so far!

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