Inexpensive fun

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Do you wanna hear a story about just how cheap I really am? A few days after Christmas my daughter’s cousin came to spend a few days with us. Whenever she’s here I always try to come up with some fun but cheap ways to keep them entertained.

I came up with a few things (with the help of Pinterest) that I could buy the supplies for at Dollar Tree. Then, I ran to Wal-Mart for some groceries and I just had to browse through the Christmas clearance.

I found a box of Christmas sweater cookies with icing and sprinkles for decorating (kind of like a gingerbread house but we each got to do a few different cookies). It was only three dollars! That was our ‘main event’, decorating ugly Christmas sweater cookies four days after Christmas. And the kids loved it!

We also played board games, stacked plastic cups (from Dollar Tree), bowled down the stacked cups with plastic balls, and I hid stuffed animals around the house for them to find. They love when I hide things around the house (stuffed animals, shopkins, or any small toys) for them to find. Like a scavenger hunt. So I definitely take advantage of that anytime I’m trying to entertain them. If done correctly you can have them searching for things for a while.

With a little creativity and a lot of patience you can come up with some fun and very inexpensive ways to entertain the kids!

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