Let’s talk about school

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For some kids, going to Pre-K is a great thing. They adjust very well to being around other kids, having a teacher, and not being at home with mommy/daddy all the time. For other kids they don’t adjust well at all. For me and my daughter, I knew it was the right thing to not put her in school until Kindergarten.

At a really young age I started telling my daughter about school. She loved the idea of going to school, she wanted so badly to have friends. The only kids in her life were the few cousins she had that were around her age but they lived a few hours away.

When it was time to potty train her she was so stubborn. She never wanted to sit on the potty. Even when I would offer her treats. One day I told her that if she didn’t learn how to use the big girl potty she couldn’t go to school. A few days later she was almost completely potty trained. She was three.

The next year it was time for her to go to Pre-K. We talked about it and she was very nervous. She was scared of having a teacher. Now this kid has always been scared of just about everything. Anything big or loud. She hated the big blow up things that they put out in the store during the holidays. She was always so scared of strangers too (not a bad thing, I know) but not just strangers, family members that she doesn’t see everyday, too. My dad lived a couple of hours away, he came to visit every other month and she was still very nervous around him.

So, because I know my kid and I fully believed that sending her off to Pre-K wasn’t the right thing for her, I didn’t. I kept her home and taught her myself. She didn’t have to deal with a teacher at the ripe old age of 4 and I got to spend another year with her at home. It was a win-win.

When she turned 5 and it was time for her to start Kindergarten she was still very nervous but she was more excited than anything. We went to open house and met one of the Kindergarten teachers. Savanna and the teacher hit it off right away. When I had to fill out paperwork she told me to write her name as her teacher. She loved Savanna and made her feel so much more comfortable. She took Savanna to her classroom and showed her around and let her play a scavenger hunt game that she had put together for her students. Savanna is still in her class and that teacher has been so good for my kid and I couldn’t be more thankful for her!

Whether you choose to send your kid(s) to Pre-K, wait to send them to Kindergarten, or even home school them, only you know what is right for your child.


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