No shame in my cheap game

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I absolutely love to go out and find a good bargain. I go straight to the clearance isle at Walmart and Dollar Tree is my favorite store. Anytime I go out to run errands or get groceries I will probably stop by Dollar Tree or Roses first!

Now I know that some things at Dollar Tree aren’t even worth one dollar but some things are worth even more! I love getting craft supplies there, holiday decorations (they have seriously upped their holiday game the last few years!), books, and even some school supplies.

My husband loves Captain John Derst’s Good Old Fashioned Bread or as he calls it, yellow bread. That stuff is two or three dollars at the grocery store but there have been quite a few times that I have found it at Dollar Tree, for one dollar! You best believe I grabbed as many loaves as I could hold and sprinted to the register.

My daughter’s teacher has even been bitten by the ‘Dollar Tree love bug’. When she sends a note home and asks for treats for the class, most of the time she writes that you can find some things at Dollar Tree.

Find me a good deal and I will seriously be the happiest girl on Earth! Roses is also a good place to find good deals. I love checking out their clothes and housewares. I even found a pair of cute boots on sale for only $12! Amazing!

Now, as much as I do love a good deal, I completely agree that you can’t buy everything cheap! Most toys from Roses and Dollar Tree will probably fall apart before you can get them out of the packaging good. I’m not a fan of buying groceries for cheap either.

This is my first blog post, how did I do?  I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you come back for more!! See you next time!

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