Our journey with co-sleeping

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The day that my daughter was born I was very, very tired. Giving birth can be a little exhausting!

I held her and snuggled her as much as I could until I just could not keep my eyes open. I laid down with her next to me in the hospital bed and fell asleep. I woke up what seemed like every 10 minutes to check on her but she slept so good laying there next to me.

When we finally brought her home with us we put her in her bassinet next to our bed but most of the time she would cry right away, other times she would wake up every 30 minutes crying so my husband and I were getting zero sleep. I know part of being a new parent is being sleep deprived but it was rough.

One night, I believe she was 3 weeks old, after her waking us up every 30 minutes I got her out of her bassinet and put her in our bed. I think it was around 1 a.m., we all slept the rest of the night without waking up once. That next day I looked up co-sleeping and was torn. I read so many posts from parents who were completely against co-sleeping for obvious reasons. I also read posts from parents who co-slept with their child from day 1.

I obviously didn’t want to do anything that could harm my child at all but I’m a huge fan of sleep. The first night that we intentionally put her in our bed before we went to sleep we rolled up small blankets and put them next to us to try to help us remember to NOT roll over! My husband is a pretty calm sleeper, he hardly ever moves but I toss and turn all night. I woke up a few times just to check on her but we all slept pretty soundly all night.

The next morning we were all more well rested than we had been since before she was born. We felt pretty good! We decided that co-sleeping was for us, for a little while at least. We didn’t have any issues with co-sleeping, it actually worked wonders for us because our little 1 month old was sleeping through the night. I was still very tired during the day but it was a normal ‘I’m taking care of an infant’ tired instead of an ‘I’m getting absolutely no sleep at night and taking care of an infant’ tired.

Getting her to finally move into her own room was a bit of a struggle, she was so used to sleeping with mommy and daddy that she didn’t want to sleep by herself. It took some bribing and a few nights of me sleeping in the room with her. We also added into her bedtime routine about 30 minutes of T.V. time. It made her sleepy faster. She has been sleeping in her own room for quite a while now so I think we worked it out pretty well.

I know co-sleeping isn’t for everyone and a lot of people are very, very against co-sleeping and that’s totally fine! I wholeheartedly believe that only a mother knows what is best for her children. So if you think co-sleeping is a terrible thing to do, don’t do it. If you co-sleep and it works wonders for your family that’ great, too!

**Co-sleeping can be dangerous and I have read stories of parents co-sleeping with their children and accidentally rolling over on them so proceed with caution!  

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