Rock painting

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Have you heard of the crazy painted rocks? They are everywhere! There are a gazillion Facebook pages dedicated to these rocks! And people are crazy about them! I have seen grown folk arguing over some dang rocks. The day you see me arguing over a rock is the day I want you to put me in the crazy house!

Anyway, as crazy as the ‘rock thing’ is it can be kind of fun. There is a business in my area that sells gravel, soil, and even river rocks (which in my opinion are the best kind of rocks to paint on). If you take a five gallon bucket you can fill it with rocks for $10! I’m talking big huge ginormous rocks that you could paint an entire landscape on. I have also accumulated a big bucket of acrylic paint…it’s only 50 cents at Wal-Mart!

Painting rocks is one of our favorite hobbies. We love being super creative and coming up with new designs. I think the best part is when we go out and hide them. At stores and parks and in some parking lots. My daughter really loves when she finds one.

The first time she found one was awesome! She found it all by herself, we were at a park and it was in a hole in a tree. She was so happy that she had finally found a rock! It made my day seeing the smile on her face! It’s not for everyone and some people think it’s silly but if you haven’t already, try painting some rocks and see if your little ones enjoy it. If not maybe just go out and spend the day ‘rock hunting’.

It really is a lot of fun!

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