School ain’t cheap

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My daughter is in Kindergarten, she didn’t go to Pre-K so it’s our first year experiencing school. She has only been in school for five or six months but I already know that school can be expensive.

Between class snacks and school functions and teacher gifts things can get a little crazy! Well let me tell you how I cheap my way around the system. See what I did there? Cheap? Okay, moving along.

So I put back money for all kinds of things, bills, clothes, emergencies. I also put back about $10 a month for school purposes. If (by some miracle) we don’t use the $10 that month it gets put back for the next dance, bake sale, or fund raiser.

For Christmas I made little candy goody bags for her teachers and classmates. I had a few extra so she was able to give one to the librarian, counselor, and principal! I spent less than $15 for the bags, stickers, and candy at Dollar Tree.

I was careful when I picked out the candy. I only picked things that I thought the kids would like, six-lets, caramel Santas, soft peppermints. I have a friend who monograms so for $5 each I got stuffed snowmen with her teacher’s names on them. So I spent a total of less than $25 and was able to get cute gifts for her teacher’s and goody bags for her classmates and a few other people in the school.

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