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I love YouTube. I’m seriously a little obsessed. I found a video about 6 years ago and I haven’t stopped watching since. I think my love for YouTube has definitely rubbed off on my kid.

When she was around 2 years old my daughter loved the ‘surprise eggs’ videos. You know, the videos where someone would open a plastic egg and there would be a toy inside. She would be in her room playing and I would hear her say something like ‘Okay people at home, this is our first surprise egg’. How cute is that?

One year, after Easter, we bought a bunch of the plastic egg on clearance and put her little toys in them and let her open them. She LOVED it! When she was done opening them all I would put the toys back in and she would open them again!

Now, she likes watching 1 or 2 kid’s gaming channels. I make sure to peek in on her every now and then when she’s watching YouTube to make sure she hasn’t found a bad video. When she really gets into a new channel I definitely do my research. I watch a lot of that channel’s videos and even look at their social media pages. She’s obsessed with one channel right now that, so far, is pretty cool.

In the last year or 2 she has really wanted to make her own videos and put them online for other kids to see. I have been thinking about starting a channel for her. Maybe I could let her try out new toys, arts and crafts, and even do some cooking.

I think starting a YouTube channel would be good for her because it will get her off of her tablet and out from in front of the T.V. and it will give us time to spend together. What’s better than that?

Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, tell me the name of your channel so we can check it out!

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